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Learn to work is our view in training department, now we offer PLC, Instrumentation, Power system design, and many more courses


Siemens compatible
Alex Tech can provide compatible component for Siemens PLC like I/O cards, Accessories like front connector programming cable, extension


PLC battery
Lithium battery different
Size with good price

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PLC and HMI Courses

P1: PLC and Conventional Control

P2: Siemens S7 300 Part1

P3: Siemens S7 300 Part2

P4:  SCADA and HMI

P5:  Industrial Network


P1: PLC and Conventional Control

  •  Classic control
    •  Introduction to control system
    •  How to read and design control drawing
    •  Practical examples
  •  PLC Hardware
  •  Installation and wiring
  •  PLC programming overview
  •  Basic instruction with examples
  •  Complex control system solving methods
  •  Introduction to analog input & output
  •  Examples and complete projects


P2: Siemens S7 300 Part 1

  • The SIMATIC S7 System Family
  • The SIMATIC Manager
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Block Architecture and Block Editor
  • Symbols
  • Memory management
  • Binary and digital  Operations
  • Data Storage in Data Blocks
  • Functions and Function Blocks
  • Organization Blocks
  • Analog Value Processing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Case Study


P3: Siemens S7 300 Part2

  • Connecting distribute IO with PROFIBUS DP
  • Supplementing and analyzing diagnostics messages
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Starting up distributed I/O
  • Diagnosing faults on PROFIBUS DP
  • Interfacing with motor drive
  • Overview about redundant


P4:  SCADA and HMI

WinCC flexible run time 2008

  • Introduction  
  • Creating a project
  • Creating the screens, adding screen change and screen navigation
  • Creating face plate
  • Configuring the alarms, alarm logging ps4 and reporting
  • Creating the recipes fs5, logging process values and reporting
  • Configuring user administration
  • Setting up a multilingual user interface
  • Creating scripts  
  • Testing, Simulating and transferring the project


P5:  Industrial Network
  • Network fundamentals
  • Introduction to industrial network
  • Industrial Ethernet &TCP/IP
  • As-I interface
  • Can, deviceNet
  • HART, Foundation Fieldbus
  • Modbus
  • Profibus DP and PA
  • DH+
  • Summary and comparison
  • Interfacing different protocols


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